engraved pet headstone

Engraved headstones

Choosing the right words can be both difficult and comforting. In our collection, you’ll find a curated selection of inspirational quotes, touching poems, and meaningful sayings that you can engrave onto a headstone, creating a lasting tribute to your loyal companion. Each inscription is carefully crafted to celebrate the unique bond you shared with your pet.

  1. “Forever in our hearts, never forgotten.”
  2. “A loyal companion, forever missed.”
  3. “In loving memory of our faithful friend.”
  4. “Gone but never forgotten, always in our hearts.”
  5. “You left paw prints on our hearts.”
  6. “No longer by our side, but forever in our hearts.”
  7. “Our beloved [pet’s name], forever in our memories.”
  8. “Until we meet again at the rainbow bridge.”
  9. “In memory of a beloved furry friend.”
  10. “A true friend and loyal companion, always remembered.”


  1. “The Rainbow Bridge” – “Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge, Where all the animals go upon their journey’s end…”

  2. “Pawprints Left by You” by Teri Harrison: “You no longer greet me, As I walk through the door. You’re not there to make me smile, To make me laugh anymore…”

  3. “A Pet’s Last Will and Testament” – “Before humans die, they write their last will and testament, giving their home and all they have to those they leave behind…”

  4. “Farewell, My Friends” by Rabindranath Tagore: “It was beautiful as long as it lasted, the journey of my life. I have no regrets whatsoever, save the pain I’ll leave behind.”

  5. “To My Dearest Friend” – “You were my friend, my companion, my strength. You were there through thick and thin, Always loyal, always true.”